Sunday 3 June 2012

Day 8- San Vicente to Rivadesella

San Vicente - Llanes - Ribadesella 45miles
In to Asturias.

Left San Vicente early, a mix between the old fishing port and bridge and the new holiday place, recently very well known in Spain thanks to the local x factor talent, Javier Visval. We left early and cycle alongside the picos de Europa, one of the most beautiful cycles so far, cows and mountains in both sides, really peaceful, we finally saw the deer and eagles flying near us. The camino led us toward the coast and we arrived at Llanes for lunch, another picturesque coastal town. In the afternoon we cycle to Rivadesella where we stayed for the nighty, afte a delicious meal with sidra at local restaurant "la guia".

Travelling tends to bring things down to basics and our morning 'movement' has become a topic of breakfast conversation.

The combination of a strong cafe con leche, tostada and use of the lube to stop chafing seems to create an urgency to quickly leave the table, break a conversation mid-sentence and find the nearest loo.

When you've got to go, you've got to go...

Last night's pension came with a curse. A comfortable bed in our own room, but a blocked loo. The smell of drains permeated our clothes and towels this morning. Uck

We left the Pension looking at the sky, threatening rain later and agreed to try for Llanes, 80-90km away in Asturias. My map breaks at this point, Stamfords didn't have the Asturias section so another map at a different scale was bought. Sudden realisation that while it has contours and the camino marked, it doesn't have distances.

The Route:

Leave San Vicente on the N-634. This is roughly the camino walk, although the footpath breaks off and rejoins the road. We tried this a few times over our trip but it usually breaks down into a gritted path unsuitable for road bikes.
For a detour, take the loop to Pechon past Ria De Tina Menor & Mayor, but its really just a scenic break.
Continue on to Unquera on the N-634.

Out of Unquera is a bit more tricky.
The N-634 is currently the main road (they're in the process of building the new one into Llanes which runs parallel) For the time being it is a horrid busy main road with lorries and cars screaming past. Part of the camino walk is down the hard shoulder. Forget it!

Leave Unquera on the local road to Columbres which rums parallel to the main road. Turn off to the left after 3km towards Noriega. Follow the hill up into beautiful countryside and continue along at the edge of the Picos in splendid silence. Cow bells, birds singing and dramatic scenery. A few climbs balanced by freewheels. Follow this through Boquerizu, past La Borbolla and on to Puertas where you pick up the main road for another 3km and then turn off to Llanes.

After Llanes, follow the road to Celoriu, then the local road right to Barru and Nuembru. The view from Barru to the cemetery is stunning across the water.

Rejoin the main road at Bricia and then cross over it through Naves, whete theres a beautiful square, fountain and Sideria and loop back onto the road to Ribadesella.

47miles = 75km
Total distance so far:
309miles = 494km

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